Constructive – July 30, 2015

This week’s #Collierisms entry is constructive . . .often used to describe something that (or someone who) serves a useful purpose. The word is often meant to be encouraging in some way. However, constructive also means the tendency to build up, something that is not obvious but derived by an inherence, or something which is heaped together.

One might say I started these Collierisms to be encouraging to others. Now it’s taken on a new form as feelings (and experiences) build up in me. The last few months have taught me some important lessons which heaped all sorts of emotions into my space. What I derived (or inferred) from my experiences in the last 3 months is that it is crucial to monitor your circle of influence.

Image: A Careers Caseload

When you are not at your best, your circle builds you up. You feel in control and confident. When you shine, your circle isn’t jealous they put up mirrors so your light shines brighter. In my opinion, keeping your circle filled with family and friends that show love (rather than say they love you) is the best way to be constructive.

I wish for you all to recognize and cherish the constructive people in your life. More importantly, I wish you all find a way to be constructive to others #Collierisms

Image result for influence, love, friends, family image

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